Hire An Experienced Home Contractor For Renovations Auckland

People remodel their houses for various reasons. It can be to improve its beauty, to add more rooms, to create more space or for safety concerns. Whatever your motivation is for a home renovations Auckland, you need an experienced contractor. SO Renovate is committed to helping customers renovate their homes effectively within their budgets.

Why SO Renovate for renovations?

  • Professional team to rely on

Their team understands home projects since they are builders at heart. Any home extension, renovation and remodelling work is fully overseen and managed by their team. More than 50 experts are available to do all the work in feasibility, architectural planning, project management and the renovation. In every phase of your project, their experts will guide you. Designers, quantity surveyors, foremen, engineers, project managers and customer service staff are available in-house and will cover all your needs. SO Renovate has skilled and talented professionals, and the necessary resources to convert your existing home into your dream house.

  • Strong commitment to customers

Guiding you in every stage of the project is a vital component of SO Renovate’s service. Their management and communications are designed to update you throughout the execution of the entire project and inspire confidence in the quality of work and the ability to meet deadlines. They arrange regular meetings to discuss vital decisions and update you on the progress. Each project site is allocated a site foreman to supervise your building team. Also, to support your other schedules, a dedicated project manager oversees the entire operation, coordinating staff, enforcing deadlines and sticking to budgets. And in case you have any complaints or queries, a client service manager is always available to assist.

  • Quality Guarantee

For high-quality work, that meets your dream design, SO Renovate only works with reputable suppliers Also, they apply a quality assurance checklist to their work to evaluate the work they are producing. Be sure that this best company for renovations Auckland due to its commitment to the delivery of quality work.

  • Experience

When it comes to renovations Auckland, SO Renovate has designed and remodelled over 600 homes since 2007. This valuable experience has developed its expertise in various property types. Whether it is a classic 60’s home, a bungalow, a leaking home or villa they have worked on them all. This long term experience assures you that you’ll get the quality you deserve for your renovation.

  • Free design consultation

Are you in a dilemma or undecided on your renovation plan? Then, get a free consultation at SO Renovate. Your design concept is converted into drawings by their in-house designers while still considering your financial limitations. These designers have perfected the art of accomplishing renovation projects in a cost-efficient manner that balances the appearance of the home and the feasibility of the design. Thereafter, SO Renovate’s quantity surveyors will draw estimates of your concept plans to present an accurate cost for your home renovation.

SO Renovate believes in providing the best renovation outcomes for customers. With years of experience, they have refined their project design, management and execution process to make it stress-free and perfect for the customer. Therefore, you can be confident that your project design will be fully achieved. Visit their website for more details on renovations Auckland.